Coaching -­ What is it?

certificationseal150Coaching is a partnership. It pairs an emotionally healthy individual who is ready for growth and change with a skilled and experienced coach who provides a support system, truthful dialogue, and new perspectives meant to create shifts in thinking, behavior and actions. Through coaching we clarify and prioritize your values and goals, then together create an action plan to move you forward in the area of growth you deem most important.  Coaching is productive and proactive.  It is about you the client guiding the conversation, determining your best next steps and ultimately making wise choices about your relationships, your life purpose and your dreams.


Where does coaching happen?

Anywhere!  The coaching conversation can take place face to face, by phone or video conference.  The ability to use technology creates a great deal of flexibility for you the client.


Who hires a coach?

Anyone who wants to:

  • improve relationships and the family environment
  • create a more balanced life driven by purpose and intention
  • parent with intentionality
  • strengthen their spiritual foundation
  • reduce stress and self defeating thinking
  • set better, measureable, attainable goals
  • be held accountable

What are your fees?

A single coaching conversation is $65 an hour.

I also offer several coaching packages which offer you a more economical option to your coaching experience.  You are more likely to experience measurable growth and change when you agree to more than one conversation. Please visit my coaching pages for more detail.


How do I get started?

I realize you probably need to get to know me a little better before you dive into this transformational experience so please take advantage of my complimentary session. Visit this page to fill out a complimentary coaching session form and I will be in touch with you.