Live Wisely Coaching

One intentional choice at a time is what makes living wisely possible.

It’s about identifying your areas of desired change, examining what is working and what is not, tackling the obstacles and challenges that hold you back and finally choosing an action plan to move you wisely toward your preferred future.

Stand-alone Sessions

$65 per hour

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Do you ever feel like you just need to pick up the phone and have an intentional conversation about what is going on in your life? You recognize the value of processing these moments with someone who is a skilled listener and is able to provide wisdom and accountability. This is when a stand-alone session is right for you. These conversations can be conducted face to face if within a 25-mile radius, via teleconference, or Skype.

Scheduling is very flexible.

Bi-Monthly Coaching

Two 1 hour sessions each month

Only $90 per month or $250 per quarter

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Coaching is not a quick fix, and although some one-hour sessions can feel transformational, the lasting change comes from developing a powerful relationship with your coach, increasing the level of trust and being supported as you wisely choose what you want in life. It’s a process that doesn’t happen overnight.

Personal Growth and Development

Four 1 hour sessions
$220 (2 sessions a month for 2 months)

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We change one wise choice and one wise step at a time. This transformative coaching experience will include intentional conversations and exercises around the following:

  • Strengths Assessment
  • Personal Mission Statement
  • Priority Check
  • Health & Wellness